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My kitty won’t stop eating ?

My 6 month old kitten eats as though he has never had a meal in his life. He gobbles up his food and it doesn’t look like he takes his time to chew it. Once he finishes his food he aims at his older brother’s food as well and doesn’t let him eat since he pushes him out of the way. They are a year apart. Due to him getting fat I spread his meal time and I feed him and my oldest cat separately so he doesn’t sneak an audition all meal and my oldest could eat in peace. I’ve put golf balls in my kitten’s food to slow down his meal intake as well. He thankfully started to lose some weight since at 6 month he was heavier than his brother was at 6 months. But it seems as though he isn’t okay with my new routine of feeding him, so he has resulted to eating from the trash can in the kitchen or now tries to eat from myself or boyfriends food when we eat. 

I don’t know what to do anymore. Any suggestions from other cat owners? 

Have you gone through this before?

Did you resolve the issue?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    CATS KNOW HOW MUCH THEY NEED TO EAT !!!!!!!! u re starving your poor kitty. when my cat ate his average wet food he ate a lot. now I have to feed him allergy food so I bought much more expensive wet food veterinary care which looks different and has more meat in it and less liquid. he eats less of that food by his own volition. when I was feeding him store bought food he was constantly eating. now he eats like twice a day. my cat is not fat and your cat is still a kitten and needs lots of energy to play. u have no idea about cats, please educate yourself and stop torturing your animals. u re a bad cat owner. how can a 6 months old kitten be overweight? are u stupid or smth? and his brother's weight has nothing to do with anything, all cats are different. I 6 months old kitten does not need to lose weight

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Exercise him too to burn off the extra calories.

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