How should I end the friendship?

I’m not going to see my friend until next week. I’ve currently been ignoring her because of the way she treated me and hurt me. Honestly, I think it’s better if I just stopped being close with her. I don’t know if I should end the friendship on text as soon as possible or wait till I get back to tell her. I need your opinions please. 

(I’ve given her chances before, this was the last straw)

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    3 weeks ago
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    You have to decide if it is important to you for her to know how she hurt you.  If you need that closure, then seek it out.   Personally I am not a fan of ending things with people, no matter what the relationship is, in texts, emails, over the phone or in a letter.  Face to face IF that is possbile is my preferred way.

    IF it helps - friends come and go in life and that is just a fact.   It's sad, but not the end of the word.  A "friend" that hurts you is no real friend anyway.

    Good luck.

  • John
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    3 weeks ago

    I stop calling and never sustain conversation works.

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    Do you feel you need to officially "end" the relationship or can you just let it fade away?  What is your goal/what outcome do you want by telling your ex-friend that you're done with her?  Do you want to get back at her? Do you home she'll apologize? Do you simply want to make it clear that you're no longer interested in contact?

    If you don't want to try to work things out, which is absolutely your call, then I'd suggest you just text her now and then block her from your phone and social media accounts.  Why wait?  If you're really looking for a way to resolve the problem, then a face-to-face conversation is the way to do it. 

    • KarenVice3 weeks agoReport

      Ending it would be the best for both her and me. It’s a pretty toxic friendship 

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