How do you know if someone has their iPhone on airplane mode?

I sent my boyfriend some texts while he is at work and he didn't answer back when he was on his coffee break. I know that he puts his iPhone on airplane mode when his battery gets too low.

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  • 3 months ago
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    If the text you sent was an SMS (a green text on iphone) then there is no way of knowing if he has received the message. If the text you sent was an instant message (blue iMessage/facebook message/snapchat/etc) then you can see the status of your message.

    The status will go; sent (it's on it's way to his phone), received (his phone has received it) then read (he's opened the message).

    If the message you send isn't an instant message, the only other way of checking is to call his phone and if it rings then his phone should've received the message (however, he may have had his phone on silent and not noticed the message)

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    • Harry3 months agoReport

      Delivered and Received are two different statuses. It will say delivered if you have sent the message but his phone hasn't received the message.

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  • 3 months ago

    There is no way to know. 


    Just live with it. 

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  • P
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    3 months ago

    There's no way to be 100% sure.  Let the guy work.  It's extremely unhealthy for your relationship to expect him to be at your beck and call every free minute he has.   A quick coffee break isn't always that straight forward, and it doesn't make it a real break if you expect him to check is phone every time.  A man who always responds while at work is probably not going to be employed very long. 

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