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Did I handle this employment situation correctly?

An employee, Connie from another department transferred into my department. She was young and very beautiful. As I expected all the single guys made up reasons to talk to her. I thought it was a good time in have a staff meeting and explain again that it was my legal obligation to insure that none of my employees were subject to sexual harassment and that no means no. I asked Connie to tell me if she felt any form of harassment.

Connie has been a very good employee. However she likes to wear a miniskirt to work and show a lot of cleavage. We don’t have a dress code here and none of my employees has any contact with our customers. Some of my female employees have complained to me about how she is dressed. I told them they could dress the way they wanted to and Connie could do the same.

Then I had an unexpected problem. Connie told me her fellow employees think she is an air head because of the way she dresses and don’t take anything she says seriously. I explained to her it is not necessary for her fellow employees to like her. She is doing a good job and her fellow employees are required to cooperate with her to get her job done. They do not have to like her and she do not have to like them.

Should I have advised her to dress more modestly or perhaps she would be happier working somewhere else.

All ideas are welcome. I want to be fair to everyone.

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  • Gen
    Lv 4
    7 months ago
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    You need to make a dress code and yes, Connie will figure it out it was made for her...someone is going to get hurt and a decision needs to be done..

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  • 7 months ago

    Before it becomes an issue, you or your superior need to address a stress code BEFORE something bigger happens.

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    No you didn't.............

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