is society breaking down in many places or is it just me?

right down to the number of degenerate trolls on the internet, there is a connection i believe, it just appears that society is starting to break down and crumble, turning into god knows whats next?

i am from britain and i'm seeing things slowly erode and i know there are similar problems world wide i just imagining this or does anybody else here see similar?

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    3 weeks ago
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    I think you should stop spending so much time on the internet and get a hobby. Delete your social media accounts and read a newspaper once a week. 

    • not a bad idea, i am too consumed with the internet and have been for years, too much is not good, i need to do other things.

  • 2 weeks ago

    Yes, the Bible calls these times “The last days.” (2 Timothy 3:1)

  • 2 weeks ago

    No, our lifestyle has probably changed somewhat since the 1960s mainly due to electronic devices and the Internet, but we're still the same as human beings. Trust me when I say that the Romans and Greeks used to say the same about youngsters 2,500 years ago.

    “[Young people] are high-minded because they have not yet been humbled by life, nor have they experienced the force of circumstances.

    They think they know everything, and are always quite sure about it.”

    Rhetoric, Aristotle

    4th Century BC

    “The beardless youth… does not foresee what is useful, squandering his money.”


    1st Century BC


    “Our sires’ age was worse than our grandsires’. We, their sons, are more worthless than they; so in our turn we shall give the world a progeny yet more corrupt.”

    Book III of Odes, Horace

    circa 20 BC

  • reme_1
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    3 weeks ago

    You are not imagining this. Something is going down the hill. It is scary. Drugs, lowering of the quality of education, fighting for medical care, lack of housing, etc. It is definitely changing since my childhood in the 50s ~60s.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    No, you are completely wrong. We are actually living in the most peaceful time in recorded human history. That means least war / global conflict, least genocide, reduced murder rates, least tribal and territorial warfare, most civilized, most medically advanced. These are facts, okay? There are genuine stats to support them.This is why religious doom sayers always make me laugh, telling people 'the end is nigh'. Y'know what too? Better people saying mean things to each other online, getting it out of their system, than physically acting out their dislikes. It's true that the crime rate has gone up slightly due to austerity but it's still not as brutal as the 'good' old days

    Source(s): Better Angels of Our Nature by Steven Pinker.
  • 3 weeks ago

    It's mostly just you, and that's because you're spending too much time on the Internet, which exaggerates conflict & the world in general for the sake of getting your attention.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    You are imagining it. The proliferation of the internet enabled devices and easy access to the internet has allowed far more people to create content, whatever that content may be.

    Society is not breaking down, society is changing, evolving,  as society has done for thousands of years. 

    You are now middle aged,  the World moves on and you will continue to lose any relevance and understanding of the real World if you continue to sit in a flat gleaning your information from YouTube and forums that are open to every waif and stray that owns a £40 smartphone.

  • Sandy
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    3 weeks ago

    yes, I see it too. in America, liberal academia is teaching our children all about the LGBTQXYZ community, climate change, "sustainability", globalism and multiculturalism. very little about science, math, art and music. It's political correctness gone terribly wrong and it's contributing to the last bastion of traditional values, the family unit. they made divorce no-fault and the kids suffer being shuttled from one uncaring, guilty parent to the other. the kids aren't disciplined for fear of losing their love. they grow up without manners, respect for girls and other people. they are more attached to their tech (video games) and people they don't even know on social media than they are to their neighbors and relatives. it's sad and scary.

  • Frank
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    3 weeks ago

    You are finally opening your EYES. This breakdown has been due to UNBRIDLED immigration of degenerative individuals from shithole areas of the world. The formation of the EU and RADICAL MUSLIMS are causing problems all over Europe and the WORLD. Why do you think BREXIT PASSED??!?!  It was from a basic understanding that there is a MAJOR PROBLEM.

    We have two AWFUL forces that must be DESTROYED. Islam and any Marxist derived theory such as COMMUNISM and SOCIALISM.

    Did you ever ask did TRUMP get elected? It was because the ISLAMIC SYMPATHIZER and SOCIALIST Obummer was ELECTED and has been wreaking havoc on the nations of the world with appeasement. 

    Appeasement DOES NOT WORK. It EMBOLDENS our enemies.

    Trump got elected because HE IS NOT A POLITICIAN and he is now singlehandedly fighting off these destructive entities. 

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Societies have always had LOTS of problems. People have a tendency to look back in time with fondness, but in reality, the past was overall no better than the present.

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