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Universities in France?

I'm looking to transfer to a uni in France (actually anywhere in Europe excluding the UK i just prefer France); thing is i want to start there as soon as i can, aka not waiting for the 2020-2021 academic year. I'm a 1st year (sophomore) in a uni that uses the american system and i'm just completing the Fall semester next month, and i have to be picky about which uni i go to as i cant really afford expensive tuition fees (+ living costs etc obviously). Suggestions anyone?


i graduated from a french high school and got my french baccalaureate so the language isnt a problem, aquiring a visa isnt a problem either. also i have no problem applying as a new student long as i can start *this january* (or around that time), and not wait for the next academic year.

so basically i just need suggestions of unis in france that wont cost more than im gonna make in my lifetime and in which i can enroll and start studying in in around a couple months

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    Are you fluent in French at a high academic-technical level of proficiency? That will be your first concern. You will then have to check university websites to see when application period closes for spring 2020, and for the 2020-21 school year. Remember you must apply for your student visa 90-120 days prior to the start of classes. So starting in spring 2020 is likely impossible by now, and you may already be pushing it a bit late to process application for admission, get your acceptance, and then apply for your student visa to start in September 2020.

    As for cost of living data for France & for various cities in the country, see They also have a comparison feature so you compare living costs with those in your own country.

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      yea pretty fluent; again i got my french bac w as for proffiency tests i have an A2 in DELF certificate. gd point about the visa but i think i can manage smth out to get it sooner, at this point tho im probably applying for 20-21, was just hoping to start sooner as to not waste any academic years

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    You will pay only nominal tuition fees at public universities in France.  French students generally live at home whilst they attend university because there are no maintenance loans/grants so you will have to find a way to fund that in cash.  To keep your costs down, I suggest you look at universities well away from Paris which unfortunately knocks out the top ranked universities. 

    Check this list

     - University Lille Sciences et Technologies – average tuition fees 261 EUR/year   

    - Université de Lyon – average tuition fees 500 EUR/year   

    - Université du Maine – average tuition fees 500 EUR/year   

    - Grenoble INP Institute of Engineering Univ. Grenoble Alpes - average tuition of 261 EUR/year   

    - University of Burgundy – average tuition fees 500 EUR/year

    You may need to take the remainder of the year off and start next September but French degrees only take three years.  Talk to them and see what they say.

    • I'm absolutely positive that you will not be able to transfer credits.  American universities are 4 years because they start at a far lower academic level than European unis.  That is why you cannot get into a European university with just a US high school graduation certificate.

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    DeVry University offers online courses that can be accessed in France.

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      lmao ok i got it, not interested in online education tho but thx anw

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    You can't transfer between countries; you would need to apply as a new student.

    You would also need to speak fluent French to study in France (as French universities teach exclusively in French)

    And to get a student visa, you'd have to first prove you could afford the full costs of doing so.

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      so basically i just need suggestions of unis in france that wont cost more than im gonna make in my lifetime and in which i can enroll and start studying in in around a couple months

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