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What are the chances of HIV?

Hello, so I am curious as to what is the chance of getting HIV. I’m mostly worried because I engaged in sexual intercourse with a guy who said he was clean but also said he had multiple sex partners in the past. I do not really trust him enough, so I got tested a week later and was HIV negative. However, I just found out that nothing was show in the test within one week. I also started taking PEP medication around 70 hours after the second time we had intercourse in about one week after the first time we had intercourse. would there be any symptoms that I should look out for? 

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  • sarah
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    9 months ago

    I think a better question is...if you don't trust him enough to believe him when he says he's clean, why did you have sex with him for a second time?

  • kelvin
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    9 months ago

    you still don't have HIV

  • 9 months ago

    It is really hard to say without an open history to judge. How slutty are you? Please remove anonimity and open your history so answerers can gauge the situation from more info

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