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Are E - Bikes within 5 - 10 years going to be out ridden or out sales regular bicycles as ( road bikes , hybrid bikes , mountain bikes ) ?

Do you see in 5 years for so more e - bikes being replaced for cars and other transportion as buses and taxis and coming close to the sales of mountian bikes or being rented out as

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    E-bike sales are certainly on the rise.  Some bike shops now even rent them.  But as long as America & other countries depend so heavily on the automobile, I don't see them taking over as the main means of transportation.  Why?  Too many people with families.  Kinda hard to take 3 kids along.  Or load up groceries for a family of four.  

    On the flip side...if a person is single or can depend on their "better half" to care for the kids, it's a great way to get around town both fast & economically.  There's always gonna be die-hard cycling enthusiasts who'd rather rely on Pedal Power.  I can't see races in the future where e-bikes would be allowed.  I could be wrong.  Another point to consider...  Some of us just plain CAN'T AFFORD the $2,000 or more price of an e-bike.  Life on Social (in) Security SUCKS!  😫  

    And I don't think buses will ever be replaced either.  Too many people living at or near the poverty level who depend on public transportation.  

    Me?  I'm just plain stubborn.  Or maybe it's for sentimental reasons.  The 2011 Raleigh touring bike depicted below now has OVER 11,000 trouble free miles on it.  You could give me an e-bike.  I'd still prefer to do it the old fashioned way.  When I die...please bury this bike with me.     

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    Ebikes like many other technologies are constantly improving.  The three main limiting factors with ebike are lengthy recharge times, short assist/ride time and high price.   Once the technology of fast recharge time and several hours of ride time reach a certain peak, manufacturing technologies will then be developed to bring the cost of them down.  Until these events occur the ebike won't come even close to units sold compared to bicycle units sold.

    From a business prospective I don't see these improved technologies happening within 5 years.  Though around 10+ years it may very well occur due to cities using ebike and kick scooter rentals.  

    I'm not going to scoff off your question as nonsense.  There was a time when people thought there'd always be more horse and buggies on the road than cars.

    Source(s): Motorized Bicycle Owner and Builder.
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  • Bob
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    2 months ago

    no, people still like to ride for the workout without cheating. 

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