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Do you have anu experience letting your toddler ride a school bus ?

My son is in an early education program for children with disabilities, he has autism and language impairment, Hes 3 and can't speak as well as we'd like. He is my only child, so I try not to be the kind of parent I grew up with not allowing him to grow independently. Is it weird to let a small child ride the school bus ? They've provided a car seat so I'm not concerned about safety more afraid of leaving him alone to ride a bus with people he's not familiar with ?

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    I've had experience both as a mother and as a special ed aide at school.

    Your child will not be "alone" on the bus. He will get to know his driver and bus aide quickly, and someone will be at the school to meet him, and again to return him to the bus after preschool. There will be other children on the bus whom he will get to recognize, although since all the students are restrained in suitable seating, there isn't much opportunity to verbalize with each other.

    You might follow the bus to school for the first few days, and meet your child when it arrives. Many parents attend the special ed preschool class a few times at the beginning to make sure their child is adjusting well. Talk to the teacher about her experiences with the bus service, and ask for advice.

    I think as long as your child appears to be happy with the people and procedures, he'll be fine and you can stop worrying.

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    a 3 year old is a preschooler, not a toddler.

    it is VERY common for pre schoolers to ride the school bus to get to a special ed program.

    hopefully, there will be a regular driver and aide on the bus and he will get to know them.

    hopefully, they speak English.  I have had problems with a driver and aide who could not communicate with the child which resulted in behavior problems.

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    Personally no I would not have my child ride the bus at that age. Nor did I. I drove my children to pre school and picked them up.

    He will have enough to adjust to by just going to school.

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    In the UK there should be a support assistant from his school on the bus.

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