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Dem Prez candidate Tom Steyer pledges to declare a ‘climate emergency’: ‘I’d use the emergency powers of the presidency’  Thoughts?

Libs are right to criticize Dump and other presidents for declaring these fake "emergencies."  An "emergency" is a heart attack or house fire, not a social issue.

The problems is libs do the same thing.  Growing government in one area will grow government in other areas.  Stop feeding the government beast.

Full story at Climate Depot

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    Steyer is from the "elite" and is in the same group that includes Soros and the other IPCC power control freaks who have taken over the mainstream propaganda machine.

  • 9 months ago

    Quite possibly this is the reason I have never heard of this person.

  • Mike
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    9 months ago

    He  is a  idiot and a false prophet

  • JimZ
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    9 months ago

    So what was the emergency that Trump declared again?

    I do agree that we have to cut revenue and spending in Washington.  Trump hasn't been very good at reigning in spending.  

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  • Robert
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    9 months ago

    Hold on to your wallet if this nut job gets in.

  • 9 months ago

    Step 1) make people believe there's a disaster

    Step 2) step in, take power, and "clean" up the "disaster" that doesn't exist

    Step 3) enjoy your newfound power

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