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What would happen with a person going through it?

Some people are being put in a secret program, perhaps by the secret services where she'll have sleep deprivation, hostile street theatre, voices in the brain, images in the brain, obcenities, things moving falling, vandalism, things breaking, stranges phone calls, hacking, hostile treatement in the supermarket, government etc. How to fight it spiritually? Some people say that weapons are doing that and a supercomputer linked to the person's mind. They call it mind control, gang stalking, monarch project, remote neural monitoring and mk ultra.

Some are saved and some are unsaved.

What would be the difference between a saved and an unsaved going through it?

How did the wicked have access to this kind of technology?

How to fight it spiritually?

Does it have a spiritual part?

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    They've been Testing for a long time.  If Christian,  read Galatians 5.  Deep breathing, focusing on scripture.  Cast out voices.  Don't worry it SEEMS to continue. 

    It's working.  Praise the Lord, out loud.  Read scripture out loud.

    Why answer phone?  Isn't that why we have answering machine? 

    Write down methods.

  • It's not possible to program in the human brain, and only atheistic fantasy stuff!

    Either you are a believer and you will be saved, doing the will of God, or, you are not a believer and you will be condemned!

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    There are many ways to defend against social evil. 1. Expose all the works of evil. Learn tactics and methods and don't become one of them, for a best defense be reconciled to God and Christ. Don't return evil for evil. Doing the same evil is only being the evil the same way

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    Actually your right this does happen to people. If a person is spiritual at birth they try to brainwash it out of people. That is because anyone spiritual is a threat to the current elites and system. They will try to literally brainwash sometimes even torture the child telling him or her all sorts of confusing things.

    Source(s): Google Joy of Satan this site tells a lot about it
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