What is the American meaning of Condominium?


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    Its a housing unit.  Its generally one of many units in a given premise or building structure.  They are often owned by the resident who pays a monthly maintenance fee for upkeep of common areas, landscaping, etc.  Any common infrastructure such as the roof, central AC systems, elevator, boilers, etc. are the shared financial  responsibility of the condominium owners.  There is often a board of owners in the building that set the rules, guidelines, financial obligations, etc. for the condominium association.

    In general, owning a condominium means the owner doesn't have responsibility for maintaining the facilities, hallways, common areas, landscaping, etc.  Its a shared responsibility financially by all owners of the condominiums.

    We use the word to distinguish it from apartments that are generally thought of as rental units where the resident has no ownership responsibilities.

    We use the word to distinguish it from a townhouse which has many of the same obligations for the owner as a condominium when its part of a collection of townhouses.  But townhouses have their own egress to the street.  Townhouses are not generally stacked on top of each other like a multi-unit dwellings (condominiums or apartments in a building).

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    It is a multiple-dwelling home (basically apartment-like) that is bought and sold like a regular house.

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    Building Function 

    A condominium, often shortened to condo, in the United States of America and in most Canadian provinces, is a type of living space similar to an apartment but independently sellable and therefore regarded as real estate. The condominium building structure is divided into several units that are each separately owned, surrounded by common areas that are jointly owned. Similar concepts in other English-speaking countries include strata title in Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, and the Canadian province of British Columbia; commonhold in the United Kingdom; and sectional title in South Africa.

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    In Britain they would be called flats or apartments. One large building is divided up to create hundreds of rooms for sale or rent.

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