if i want a boat thats electric how big can i get it?

so i have this idea to replace a boat in my town but im having troubles with my research so help me

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  • 2 weeks ago

    Electric like it runs off batteries? Or diesel generators that power electric motors/props? Pride Of America at 900+ feet is diesel-electric.

  • 3 weeks ago

    How big do you want to go?

    The Queen Mary 2 uses electric propulsion (the electricity is generated by diesel engines), and all nuclear powered ships and submarines use their nuclear reactors to drive steam turbines which generate electricity.

    There are even now some supertankers which are powered the same way as QM2 as having steerable electric-powered propulsion pods make those vessels far more manoeuvrable and allow the power generators to be positioned wherever the designers want on the vessel as they don’t need to be directly driving the propellors.

    What you’re after will more likely be powered by rechargeable batteries, but the size limit is really “as big as you need”. Secondhand traction batteries from scrapped hybrid cars can still have decades of useful life if used correctly. 

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    You type "New Electric Boat" Or "Electric Boat Sales" in google (with you location active) and find an Electric Boat sales company - go their website and read - if you need more information - CALL and ask.

    Example: https://www.electricboats.ca/en/

    But obviously you have thought about this less than 10 minutes, as you provided NO information about boat size/seating capacity, body of water where it will be used, speed, running time and a myriad of other details that would be required to narrow down the correct boat. 

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