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Why is my boyfriend acting like this? ?

So my boyfriend is an atheists and I'm Christian and know a lot about what we believe and our morals. (We were best friends for 3 years before dating) It doesn't really affect our relationship at all. But sometimes he makes comments about how if I do something like make a comment about someone's appearance he will say it's 

"not very christian of me", which has never really bothered me because he's holding me true to what I want to practice. But now our relationship is getting more serious but he doesn't want me to touch him sexually. He says "He doesn't want to ruin me", and "I can't make you do something like that, you're too kind to be doing something so dirty." I tell him it's what I want and he's not forcing me to do anything. 

      Now when I do something that doesn't follow my religion to the T he makes a comment about how I'm not as holy as I seem. Almost like he is trying to justify to himself that I'm no the perfect christian and that it would be okay if we did sexual things. 

      He always supports me with my religion, it doesn't bother him but I feel like he's trying to downplay things to justify thoughts for himself. Is that odd? Has anyone ever had anything like this? Should I talk to him about it? 

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    How macho of him to think his little tool would "ruin" you. A difference in faith outlooks may not seem like a big deal when you're dating but it's definitely you have to negotiate thoroughly before you have kids, because that's when the stakes on it are real. This guy is obviously just messing with you though. Of course you should talking to him about it. One wonders why you reached out to strangers before doing that.

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    "Christians" don't have premarital sex, i thought. Just saying.

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    First a little personal history. I have been married to a Christian woman for 26 years. I'm an Agnostic, bordering on Atheism, and don't attend religious services unless they honor someone who died.But we RESPECT each other's belief system. Tell your boyfriend that you are not a perfect Christian, but you try to stay true to your path, and you'd like an arrangement where you don't try to convert him to your faith, and he doesn't insist that if you are a believer you have to be perfect in every way. This sniping crap has to stop, or it will dominate or ruin the relationship.

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