Harley Davidson is in trouble! Yay or nay?

I quote:

"One trip to the Sturgis Rally in the last 10 years was enough to convince just about anyone (besides Harley-Davidson, apparently) that the iconic American motorcycle brand was in trouble. Commonly, the Harley riders at the event were in their 70s, barely able to throw a leg over a bike, and rapidly losing any credibility whatsoever when it came to rebel role-playing. Bandannas be damned.

When your target demographic is literally dying off, what do you do to save your business?

EICMA was the scene for the unveiling of two new Revolution Max-powered models, including the 975cc Bronx naked and the 1250cc Pan America adventure tourer. Harley says both of these bikes will “launch in late 2020 extending the iconic brand into new market segment [sic].” Too little too late?"

End Quote.

Okay. First thing first, I'm a 30 YO man which means that I am the targeted demographic of these so called "Harley Davidsons". And to be honest, I find these bikes... Unappealing, plain & simple.

When I see a Ducati Monster 1200 or even a Triumph T120 or the Scrambler, I can see the appeal. These bikes almost make me want to whip out my chequebook and put a deposit. Heck, the other day I saw the Kawasaki W800 on the very same blog and I was like: "I need one in my life, ASAP".

But these HD don't have the same effect on me, for some reason.

What about you?

Source: http://www.motorcycledaily.com/2019/11/can-these-n...

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago
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    Your "source"  is One Man's Opinion. He probably doesnt even Ride a Harley. What he:  " saw" at Sturgis is not the quarterly stock reports for last ten years. I know "Nam vets , 68 yo,  who not only could  outride  this clown, but kick his Butt.  He is a youngster, a Harley-Hater, HD cant make anything to please him, he is addicted to speed; alone. I've  seen 20 Yos on Harleys, happy as a clam. (Minority. yes.) And the "Sons of Hell" in my state are a new generation of riders; average  age is 25. Not All Harleys are 900 # overdressed FLH's. There is the 117" ,600 lb Break out..1200 cc , 440 # Sportsters...

    I am not surprised if Harley in trouble. Been a roller coaster ride since about `1969, when AMF bought them out and quality went out the window. Since then, bought out AMF, Willie G. took control; divested into the VRod and now Live Wire and a small foreign sales model.  Europe and Japan are big markets; I hope they again open assy. plants overseas Just for foreign sales and to save $ on production. Give Europeans and Japanese work, too. 

    I saw 7,000 bikes at Rocky Point a couple weeks ago, guess what? 90% were Harleys. I saw Some breakdowns on the way, yes. But  Twin Cams were test a million hours. don't shake apart like the old ones. The Milwaukee 8 Finally has the sprayed internal oil cooling. Counter balanced, too. 

    Source(s): Ride an '06 FX almost every day and over 280 miles to rallies;, don't just Read stuff..
  • 9 months ago

    HD is having a tough time attracting the younger riders.  They seem to be going for the rice burners.  I'm a boomer, and I ride a Honda myself.  Harley's have never done a thing for me.  

  • JetDoc
    Lv 7
    9 months ago

    I have owned and ridden motorcycles for nearly 60 years and up to a couple of years ago, never owned a Harley-Davidson. I HAVE owned BMW, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, Ducati, Triumph, etc. but never a Harley.

    I have a total knee replacement in one leg, and arthritis in the other knee, so it's getting harder to hold up a big, heavy bike when I come to a stop. A few years ago, I broke down, went over to the dark side and bought a brand new H-D trike. I even took the class that Washington State requires to ride a three-wheeler.

    I HATED IT! The thing was noisy, uncomfortable and took a conscious effort to ride. To make matters worse, in the seven months that I owned the thing, it was back in the shop SIX TIMES! I have come to expect more from a motor vehicle that cost twice as much as my first house! I sold it and bought a new Ram pickup!

  • Tim D
    Lv 7
    9 months ago

    Hardly news, H-D has been reported to be limping along for decades, and yet, there it is, which does not stop the reports

    These models are not entry level in most markets (and that Pan America is plain ugly), the Bronx will be direct competition for the Ducati Scrambler/Monster and Triumph – but it is rather late to that party.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    For me, buying a Harley would be like buying a Cadillac, it's an old man's vehicle in each case.

  • arther
    Lv 5
    9 months ago

    The few broken Harleys I've fixed for oldblokes on the side of the road were all restorations and things had rattled lose or fallen off

    easy fix everyone of them (when you have a ute full of auto elec tools)

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