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What would taming/owning a male deer be like?

For a fictional story, so no need to tell me about the fact that it's illegal without a permit etc. I want a wealthy character in a story to own a white stag he hand reared and keeps in an area of enclosed woodland. What would that be like, beyond stating the obvious fact that it's likely dangerous. How tame could the deer end up being?

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    Deer are an introduced species where I live. Some people farm them. People in a nearby community had a few that had been hand raised and after 4 years were still treated as pets, including hand feeding them daily.

    One morning the man went into the padock to feed the deer (including a stag) and check their wayer.

    The stag attacked and killed him.

    The wife tried to help and was severely injured.

    They had to shoot the stag to recover the man's body.

    Remember, the previous day this stag had been petted and hand fed by these people it turned on.

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