IC diet recipes, heeeeelp?

So I think I have IC. The urologist ran a whole bunch of tests and nothing looks wrong, but I still have to pee allll the time. I’m starting medications which have helped some but it’s still so aggravating. I’ve started the IC diet a few times but I get so frustrated and it stresses me out which makes it even worse. 

I’m a little bit of a picky eater and have never cooked much outside of my normals which are mostly on the no no list now. 

I don’t usually like cooked veggies, I love Italian food and ketchup lol 

I’ve made grilled chicken a lot since starting this but with just salt and garlic powder it’s pretty boring. I usually LOVE paprika and season everything with it so now I’m lost. I need flavor!

I feel seasoning is the hardest part for me. Because it sounds like you can have so much when they say you can have pretty much any meat and any vegetable. Except those meats aren’t very good since I can’t season them like I like and I don’t like cooked vegetables. I like raw carrots, cucumbers, and spinach.

I want chocolate and coffee and wine! 

For lunch I’ve been making sandwiches with uncured ham from the deli, white cheddar from the deli, and fresh baked bread from the bakery. And some spinach for some veggies lol. But cold sandwiches get old fast. 

I read all labels and ingredient lists.

I also miss Mexican food and spice! I want tamales and tacos and chorizo. 

I’m ranting now sorry. Any recipe suggestions would be much appreciated! Or any tips really.

Thanks in advance!

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  • 9 months ago

    If you mean Interstitial Cystitis, diet changes won't affect that except for eliminating coffee and alcohol, which irritate the bladder. Look into Uva Ursi- a natural herb that alleviates IC. 

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