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Where can I see the list of users that I have blocked?

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    9 months ago

    It's not easy under the new format. You can find your blocked list here: or you can find it by clicking your username in the box on the right (where your points are displayed), then on the next page, click your username again in the upper left of the screen (that takes you to your 'old' YA activity where the block info still exits). Select "More", then "My Network" and you should see the 'Following', 'Followers', and 'Blocked' tabs.

  • Sharon
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    9 months ago

    To see your list of blocked users go to your profile, More, My Network, and Blocked.

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    To access your list of blocked users, go to your Answers profile. Once there, click My Network, then select Blocked. All that will be found there.

  • Daniel
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    9 months ago

    Click on your Username on the Left side of the Page go to More then My Network click on Blocked users from there you should be able to see who you have Blocked if there is anyone you wish to Remove from the List click on the Unblock Button

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  • It is very easy to find who you have blocked. But first, make sure if you are using a phone to put it on desktop mode. Next, just click on your avatar or your user name either one will take you to your profile activity page.   Then follow these easy instructions   Scroll down and click on More>My Networrk>Blocked and you're there. 

  • 9 months ago

    Left click or tap either your user name, not your avatar, or "See Answers Profile in the left column. Left click or tap  "More" above your questions list. Left click or tap "My Network". If there is No Blocked option t click or tap, try left clicking and tapping " More" and '"My Network".again then "Blocked" You may get the blocked list for a very brief amount of time. More than one person has had problems finding their blocked list in the last month. 

    Your device and browser HAVE to be in desktop mode. 

    I just tried to to see my blocked list. It didn't work. 

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