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How come Wrestling fans can't stand it when someone says that Wrestling isn't popular? Is it really a big deal?

Ratings for Pro Wrestling have been going down forever now and it's plain as obvious that Pro Wrestling isn't popular anymore, so what is it there to be offended about? Just because it's not popular, doesn't mean you couldn't watch it and enjoy it. Same thing other way around, just because it's popular doesn't mean it's great. You like whatever you like.

BQ: Does it annoy anyone when Wrestling fans blame certain wrestlers for why the ratings are low? They always blame Reigns or Rollins.

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    I've never understood this either. Wrestling popularity has always been cyclical with the general public. There's always been a solid base of fans that always watch, but only certain times when it's become more mainstream with the general public. Right now it's not. One day something will spark it and it will again.

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    Wrestling was never popular, the characters and the stories is what got it all the huge ratings that they use to get anyways

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    It's fair to say that wrestling has hit the dark ages to some extent recently, but I've never used the ratings as a true gauge. 1. because not everyone has a Neilson box, 2. because nothing's doing great in ratings due to the influx of streaming services, Tivo, etc. and 3. people pirate the crap out of wrestling.  

    With all of that being said, it's clear that we're in a recession.  Does it bug me? No, outside of the fact that WWE throws every low brow and rehashed tactic under the sun at the show to try and regain a following, compromising continuity and general in-ring time in the process.  What's funny is that they haven't gone for their proven method of making a major star in a long time.  I'm not saying it's easy to find the next The Rock, but I am saying that they're trying their best to make sure nobody reaches that level again because no one can be bigger than 'the brand', but the problem is that 'the brand' doesn't exist without larger than life talents, so we're stuck in this continual Ouroboros state of trying make a brand without a face to market  behind it.

    BQ: I was watching UUDD a few months back and Creed and Breeze were talking about how they'll probably end up being part of the era that wrestling fans forget or don't talk about.  It's sad to think that they don't believe they're going to be in the hall of fame, talked about, or flat out remembered when neither of them have even reached their mid-thirties yet.  Why do you think they have that mentality? Well, I'll tell you; there isn't a top face to the brand that transcends pop culture mediums, and I believe that's by design.  Seth and Roman Reigns are not bad wrestlers.  They're not.  They're formulaic, they hit flashy moves, but they don't necessarily have bad matches.  The booking around the matches can be bad, and sometimes they're told to do things that I'm beginning to believe are designed to piss off fans, but as individuals they can deliver in the ring.  Neither man performs well on the microphone.  Neither man exudes an aura of confidence, much less one of a larger than life, era defining, entertainer.  They say what they're told to say and insert a zero sum quantity of their true selves into words that weren't written by them, and WWE loves them.  They push them to the moon, and it's because they're two company men who are willing to follow edict instead of stepping out of bounds and defining themselves as someone that maybe Hollywood might want to look at.  No one knows who they are outside of wrestling fans, and that's a problem that WWE's happy to have because the star isn't Seth and Roman; the star is WWE.  I can't hate  them for being a side effect of the problem.  If there's a big star dragging down WWE, then it's the only star WWE is focused on making a star: and that's the WWE.  That's why Creed and Breeze know that no one will care about their era of wrestling, because there's no room for growth for them as long as the entity deciding whose #1 IS #1.

    But yeah, Seth does need to stay off twitter...

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