I'm great at imitating/impersonating people; Could this be my natural talent ?

Can being a great impersonator/imitator help you get into the acting industry ? If I attended Acting School could I have a good chance of possibly making it ? I'm very good at sounding and acting like all types of people; I always make people laugh alot as well; I would love to be in the acting industry and become a Celebrity ! I'm 24 years old; Any advice

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    Acting is not imitating/impersonating people or making them laugh. It's just a skill that may or may not be useful for an actor or a comedian. You need to be good at the craft of acting. But also be right for this career choice in so many other ways which you're not aware of. So I'm gonna give you a little reality check so then you can decide for yourself what you should do.

    Let's start with become a celebrity/famous. Fact is, 99.9% of *professional* actors are not and will never become famous. They will not get more than a few minor roles (on minor productions, including things no one's ever heard of) their entire career. They will forever have to work at their day job to be able to support themselves, and they will do it while also walking in and out of auditions or between acting gigs, acting classes, shootings, readings, rehearsals, etc. Basically, they hold (at least, if they're lucky) 2 jobs! They're constantly exhausted, live in a small apartment and are hungry for food; they're often lonely, far away from home, and barely have the time to socialize; their talent, looks, and skills are constantly judged and more often than not they're rejected; they compete against thousands of other professional actors - and they're all just as talented and want the part just as bad. They make big sacrifices in their life with no guarantees it'll ever pay off...  And they still have to make sure they remain healthy and strong - physically AND mentally.

    There's nothing glamorous about that reality. The 00.1% who are famous also struggle to maintain their career alongside everything else. Because every acting job is temporary. Even A-list actors find themselves one day working at a 9-5 job. It's an extremely unstable and unpredictable job. Being famous and adored, walking on the red carpet, giving interviews and meeting fans is maybe 1% of the life of those famous actors. The rest is hard work - way before AND after becoming famous. They became famous BECAUSE they had the passion for what they do in the first place. In fact, most professional actors, including the famous ones, continue their studies throughout their career because there's always things to learn and improve, so you don't take a few acting classes and you're done.

    The point is, they suffer through it all because they NEED to ACT.

    Beyond that, you can't aim to become famous, sorry. Aside from the fact that there is no formula or steps to take, it just doesn't work. It takes TONS of training, talent and luck. It takes being able to take directions well. To run a business where you are the product you need to sell. It takes making big sacrifices in your life which you may not be ready for. It takes investing A LOT of money and time. It takes determination, thick skin, and patience. And most importantly, it takes having real passion for the CRAFT of acting itself. If you do it for the wrong reasons, you will fail before you even start.

    If you're okay with all of that, another issue is you don't know what ACTING really is or if you're even good at it. If this career choice is for you at all. The reality is very different from what people usually imagine and it sounds like you're more interested in the fantasy of what you THINK it's like. The key is to adopt a mature and realistic approach and then take the necessary steps toward the GOAL. That's the difference between a fantasy and a goal.

    So the first step of pursuing a goal is to make sure that it's even worth trying, before you go and invest so much time and money. Start by taking acting classes, something low-key just to get a sense of it. Listen to the feedback, see if you can take it. See if you enjoy the CRAFT of acting. If you're good at it. See if it's for you at all. Also, just as important, do your research on the business side. That's what it is, after all - show BUSINESS. Understand that no one's in this to make your dreams come true, they're in this to make money. There's so much to this than you assume, so much to learn and prepare.

    If you accept the reality and find that ACTING is for you and you want to pursue it on a professional level, apply to a serious top-quality acting school. One which will impress potential agents, not just any acting classes. One where well-known and respected acting teachers teach and successful actors graduated from. In addition, start building a resume strong enough to impress potential agents. Get yet more training, like workshops and such. And also plenty of low-level experience such as indie and student films. Join and/or audition for community theater. Constantly land leading roles. Win awards for your acting. Do your own projects as well. Take vocal and dance lessons. Study and master different special skills to give your resume a boost (for example: horseback riding, martial arts, acrobatics, dialects, etc.).

    Building that kind of resume takes about a decade, give or take. No legit agent will even consider you before that (if they do, or if they ask for money upfront - RUN! They're not legit). You need an agent, you can’t just go to auditions for professional jobs, they are not open to the general public. Move to LA (or NYC if you're more interested in theater) and continue getting experience and training. At some point, someone you've worked with and impressed (like a director, a producer, an acting teacher, or even a fellow actor) may be willing to refer you to an agent. Other ways of landing an agent, like getting spotted at a showcase or cold-querying with your headshots and resume, rarely work. So in addition to all the above you also need to network, to work hard to get connections.

    IF you finally get signed by an agent, the way it works is, when casting for a project begins a casting directors is hired. The casting director creates a "character breakdown" of the roles they're looking to fill specifying their age range, looks, special skills, ethnicity, etc. Then they approach the best agents in town - agents they know well and trust. Based on that breakdown, the agents go over their client database and submit to the casting director the resumes, headshots and demo reels of the clients they believe may fit the said role(s). Out of those, the casting director invites to audition only the handful THEY believe may fit the role(s). From there, the agent of those actors gives them the audition info. Those actors will come and audition as many times as needed, competing against other professional actors for the same role, till only 1 gets it.

    You may be invited to 100 auditions every year or you may never be invited to any auditions. We don't know. Your impersonation talent may or may not be in demand at that exact moment. Or your looks. Or your age. Or your other skills. We don't know what projects they will cast for or what roles they will look to fill. We don't know who your agent will be or the casting directors they work with. At some point, MAYBE you will audition and then land the role that will make you famous.

    So ask yourself: are you willing and capable (including physically, mentally and financially) of pursuing that just for this small chance of feeling like a celebrity 1% of the time? If you answer no, then pursuing acting as a career is not for you. Will you be just as happy if you ended up "just" a theater actor? If you answer no, then acting is not for you at all.

    At the end of the day, the real question is do you NEED to ACT?

    With all of that in mind, my advice is forget about becoming a celebrity or any other immature notions. Hold a day job that pays your bills and if you would like to try acting professionally, please do - on the side. Work hard for it and hope it works out the way you wanted. Although, if I'm honest, you'd better off pursuing standup comedy instead.

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    It could be. There are certainly people who have taken that path before such as

    Rich Little. It's not easy, but it's possible.

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    One piece of advice: 'alot' is not a word. It should be written as 'a lot'. Otherwise we risk using the useful real word 'allot.'

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    It might be an indicator that you have talent, but equally it might not.

    If you want to try acting, join a good acting school and start attending classes.

    Just bear in mind that on average, it takes seven years of training and of gaining experience to become a professional.

    Acting is more about creating an original character, breathing life into a role that's only previously been written down.  It's very rarely about pretending to be an already  recognisable person.

    But if you really want to become a celerity, forget it.  That's a shallow dream for superficial people.  Actors act because they love to act, and would carry on doing it even if they never, ever became well-known.  Fame is the worst possible goal.

    It's also highly unlikely.  Almost all aspiring actors will never get more than a few odd days' paid acting work a year, and that will be in small roles, in small productions.

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    Imitating is just one shade of your rainbow skills.

    Impersonating does have a good applause, BTW you must develop your own uniqueness which mesmerize the world.

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    sean i dont think acting is a good career choice u should go into vertinary school instead ull make more money and have a job

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