In what ways are Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic: The Gathering similar to each other and in what ways do they differ from one another?

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    1 year ago

    Magic is more complicated and has seemingly less variety. TBH I haven't played magic yet but from what I can tell there's only monster, land and defense cards. Also, from what I've noticed, you got like 3+ of the same card in a deck. With Yu-Gi-Oh, you get much more variaty in your deck and there's more variation in types of cards. With Yu-Gi-Oh you have monster, magic/spell, and trap cards. Again I haven't played magic the gathering yet, but I kinda presume it's played in a similar way to mystic warlords of kaah from the big bang theory. Also, in magic you only get 20 hp while in Yu-Gi-Oh you get 4000-6000 depending on which rules you go by. Only thing both have in common is your allowed 40-60 cards in your deck and you can have up to 5 cards in your hands at a time though if  I remember correctly Yu-Gi-Oh has a couple of loopholes to the 5 card rule. 

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