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Will I NEVER be able to get my own place?

My credit score is in the 500's, I'm 5k in debt with my credit card from 2 years ago, I work at a minimum wage job making only $9.45 an hour, I have a baby I need to support, I have an $200 car payment every month and I get child support every week but it's not much at all... seems like all my paychecks go to my car payment BUT I don't want to get rid of my car because it's a newer car (2014) so I know its reliable and I don't want to sell it to get a cheap car because I love this car.. I still live with my parents because I don't make enough to be able to get an apartment.. I really want to move out so I can live on my own and raise my son on my own but I'm worried that it'll never happen... I never went to college because I don't have enough money to go.. will I never get my own place?

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    You need to find a way to get out of the rut that you are in now. Keep doing what you're doing and nothing will change. Get a better education, get a better job, get a better man, and you'll have a better life.

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    You apparently don't realize you HAVE IT MADE living with parents. You're not paying utility bills food bills baby sitting bills, property tax, home insurance, just to name a few. Living in an apartment is money down the toilet.

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    You are not alone in these hardships. Definitly not alone. There are many people of all ages in the same situation or worse situations because maybe they don't have anyone to live with so they struggle even harder, or worse, they're homeless on the streets or in a shelter. The only thing you can do is the best you can both for yourself and for your son and attempt improving your situation. The first thing I would work on is getting a higher paying job and that isn't impossible. You just have to apply for them. Keep applying for better paying jobs. Determination, stay focussed on bettering you and your son's situation and when you reach that goal make a new goal of an even higher paying job, an even better apartment, etc.

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    where is the boys father? What happened to getting married and living happily ever after ? 

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    Not living the way you are.

    I suggest you need to sit down with your parents and talk about how to get some training/schooling to get a better paying job.  You need to think not only what you are going to like doing but also, and maybe more importantly, what is going to pay well so you can support your daughter and move ahead in life.

    Dental hygienist would be one.  The pay is usually good although working in people's mouths all day may not be what you viewed yourself doing.

    Since you are living at home I assume your parents are helping out providing childcare as that cost would otherwise sink you.  Talk to them about what they think you could consider.  Spend some time before you make a decision.

    The good news about credit scores is that they aren't permanent.  Negative information can for the most part be on your score so they will drop off even if you still owe the money, you just need to start making payments on time EVERY SINGLE MONTH.  no "slow pays", those are a killer for your credit score.

    Good luck, I know it's going to be tough.

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    you could try getting low income housing, thats what i have

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