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Can this happen in real life? If so, how?

You know in the movies when someone is in a coma because of some tragic accident and they can't remember? Is it possible in real life to have head trauma where you have memory loss and can't remember things/people just from years prior. Like could I hurt a part of my brain where I could no longer remember say, breaking my arm when I was eight, or my favorite elementary teacher's name?

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  • That would be very difficult to do, as the brain is semi-fractal in nature, where the parts (memories) are stored through out the brain in fragments.

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    Not really. Amnesia like the movies doesn't exist (forgetting the past). You remember the past but become unable to make NEW memories. If there's an accident, you don't remember around the time of the accident but you remember the past. The past is always stronger neural connections and easier to remember. Provided you remembered it at all. Most people don't even make those memories in the first place. They aren't there to be lost.

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    Yes, those things can happen in real life. What doesn't is the convenience of when those actually happen like in the case of TV.

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    Yeah I think that’s possible in real life 

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    yah,  think backwards to solve your issue.

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