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Cat help; did she forget me?

I got a kitten about 2 years ago, first year she lived only with me, afterward I moved in with my family and about 6 months after that I moved in with my girlfriend leaving my cat with my family (for those 6 months)

Note: My family has both another cat and dog. I got another kitten about a week ago and today my family brought me back my cat. She is not acting like how she used to following me around and being all affectionate, she is hissing and she has never hissed at me before. The kitten doesn't care as she's just doing her own thing but my old cat has been in the closet for hours. Do you think she will ever remember me and go back to being her old self? If so how do I speed up the process? 

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  • Ocimom
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    4 weeks ago

    Its not you she is upset with - its the new kitten.  In time they will get along and then your older cat should go back to being her normal self.  I do hope that your older cat IS spayed and the new kitten should be spayed/neutered by 4 months old.

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    She is behaving in a typical way for a cat in a new place, especially one that had another cat in it when she got there. I don't know whether she remembers you or not and at this point it doesn't matter. Make sure she can get to food, water, and the litter box and leave her to come out when she feels comfortable.

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    maybe you should give that cat back to your family

  • PR
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    4 weeks ago

    The cat is upset about the kitten. She does not know the kitten and needs to be introduced, properly. Since you have had the kitten for only a week you need to do the following in order to get some order back, and have your cat "remember" you:

    -Put the kitten in the bathroom with a litter box, water and a little bed. 

    -Let your own cat out to wander around on her own - she is getting used to new surroundings.

    -Get to know your cat, again, and she will calm down with this set-up.

    -Keep the kitten in the bathroom for at least 3 weeks, only bringing out to play when the adult cat is in another room.

    For the adult cat, she is in a new house, and has a new kitten to tend to. Cats don't like change, so she has two changes to deal with, most importantly, the kitten. Even if your adult cat was with you in the same house the entire time, you could expect this sort of behavior. They like slow introductions to new housemates. 

    Hopefully, your adult cat will eventually get used to the kitten. Under normal circumstances, she likely would. But, since she has been brought to your new place, along with this new "intruder", it may take longer. 

    You will have to feel things out. If in about 3 to 4 weeks, the adult cat begins to sniff under the door, she may be getting used to the kitten. You can expect a full 3 to 4 weeks for her to begin to accept this. If you push it, you will make it take much longer. If after a month, she is not accepting the kitten at all, then you will need to decide if it is going to work out. 

    Since the adult cat was your cat in the first place, unless your family really wants her back, you may need to decide if you should find a new home for the kitten. But, she will probably be willing to have a friend, if you take it slowly. 

    Again, this is how you introduce cats, kittens, and such. 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    She may remember and is mad about it

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