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Why do people think macaulay culkin in the good son is evil?

I dont know, I guess to other people hes sick, but I dont get what's so bad about his actions? Roger Ebert, a film critic, said "It's sick, twisted, and morbid. It's a bad influence for children." But I would do (have done some of the things) everything he did in that movie and dont think its twisted and morbid at all! In fact, I watch it almost every night because I can finally relate to someone (another kid) in the movie. What are your thoughts? Maybe I'm wrong, I just.... I dont see what's so bad about him

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    If I recall, he tossed a mannequin onto the highway, causing a multi car pileup. He even smiled at the car crashes.

    That seems like a rather evil act for a child to do.

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    I wonder which Hollywood pedophile did Macaulay Culkin and Elliah Wood had to sleep with to get the role.

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