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All my ideas have been created?

Recently I've been frustrated because I want to start a company; but every time I think I have a unique business plan I do a google search and someone already has it laid out better than I did. 1st I made a company that prints notes on a notebook. 2nd I burned music files from the internet onto CD's for people. 3rd I made a website where restaurant owners can make custom menus. All these ideas have failed and cost me lots of time and money. I'm at the point where I lock myself at the desk and think for hours of what I could do, but everything seems to be made. Like I can't add any value to something. I get mad at some baby boomers I know that brag of their "hard work" to riches, when all they did was buy a house and wait for us to increase the demand for them. Do you have trouble finding something worth starting?

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  • Jay
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    3 weeks ago

    Nope. I just did what I'm good at (Marketing) and did it better than the other people who are doing it in my area.

    That is why ideas succeed.

    Two of my clients started on -line galleries. One makes money at it...and one failed. Why? Mainly because 'Sam1" really went out of his way to get good art and develop relationships with customers...and 'Sam2' only spent money advertising her website and was reselling generic art prints.

    My neighbor sells dried herbs from her garden on line. You can buy dried herbs literally EVERYWHERE. But she sells out every year...why...because she adds a personal 'extra' touch to her herb bundles.

    Visit the Your Harmonic Resonance site or get the book 'A Setback is a Set Up for A Comeback' or do both. Read everything.

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    Your #2 violates copyright laws.

    #3 the restaurants can get that stuff done from any print shop for cheap.

    Why not start thinking OUTSIDE the box. And start with having a void that nobody's filled.

  • 3 weeks ago

    "I burned music files from the internet onto CD's for people"  So, this one was illegal.  

    An idea is pretty worthless...its putting that idea into practice thats important...You can be better than your competitors, but it sounds like you wont be since they've already done it better than you did.  

    Go and get a job...when you see an opportunity...take it.  Sitting there hoping to strike gold with a good idea is going to result in a lot of sitting around.  Find a need and fill it...but you wont know those needs if you arent interacting with people.  

  • Bort
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    4 weeks ago

    Probably because you're not advertising and searching for clients to purchase your products and services. There will be competition, as you're finding out, in every business you dream up that you will have to join and compete with those other company's that are doing the same thing(s) yours does.

    You're in the wrong frame of mind and not thinking right if you think you can start up a business today and instantly have tons of clients or customers tomorrow and be wealthy with profits in the next few days. It doesn't work that way. It sounds like that is how you're thinking it should work.

    You have to join the rat race; advertise, go outside the house and approach your targeted audience letting them know of your services and get some clients. No business ever went anywhere if they didn't advertise.

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