I can't tell if we're on a downhill in our relationship, or she's just going through a period of isolation.?

About 2 months ago now, I asked out this really nice girl named "Abbie" for privacy purposes. Things were going great at first and we talked a lot more after that. We were both having great times on our dates and I started to advance the moves I made. We've been at it for 2 months and I started picking up on her dry responses and her lack of texting back. However, when she would respond back, it was usually to plan more dates. She may have responded back in dry ways, but when we went out on dates, she would be super lively and have great times (I even asked her if she did). I just feel like now we don't talk much and was wondering if I should just let it keep slipping and wait to see if she does something about it or keep pushing for more dates. Thoughts?

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