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My friend feels no shame urinating in the woods, is this okay?

We were on a survival camping trip and a girl in my group wasn't afraid to pee at all. She said it scares her that guys might see her, but she really doesn't care. She only used the emergency cabin bathroom once out of a whole 3 day trip. Apparently at her school, there was a UTI epidemic and girls would be peeing in class all the time, so she's used to peeing or being around others peeing in unconventional situations. I want to look out for her, as she isn't the most hygienic person. Will this make her unattractive to people? 


When I mean "Okay", I mean "okay" by basic standards of feminine hygiene

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    Friend if you're on a survival trip urinating in the woods his part of the experience.

  • Pearl
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    9 months ago

    not really but you cant stop her

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