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Gold testing question ? ?

I have a smaller gold chain I put a magnet to it and there was absolutely zero pull. I took it to a pawn shop and they said it past the acid test up to 18k gold. The problem they said was when it was scratched on a stone the said it wasn’t gold color regardless passing the test. The clerk told

Me because of that there not sure if it was real or fake and to try to take it somewhere else. How can a pawn job verify if it’s real or fake gold? It’s hollow chain that about 6 grams. 

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    To test gold you scratch off some gold on to a thing that looks like a sharpening stone. You drop some nitric acid on the line that has been scratched off on the stone. If the gold disappears it's not real gold. If residue remains upon the stone. It's gold or it's plastic with gold paint in it! Take it to another pawn shop and tell them that you want to sell it and let them test it. If you get the same result there's a good chance did you have some kind of fake gold and the only way to find out for sure is to take it to a jewelry store or place that purchases gold. But if two pawn shops do a scratch test on it and say that there is something wrong with the color there probably is something wrong with the way it's testing. You might have been sold a fake or the person just does not know how to use the test kit correctly.

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