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What does every story of the Holy Grail need, in your personal opinion? (Read description)?

I am currently writing a novel relating to the legendary quests of King Arthur for the Holy Grail. I have all of my characters, the historical setting (Modern day), the "facts," but I what I need is a plot, climax, and a villain.

What would you guys like to read? What would you NOT like to read? Sword fights? How would you like the villain to be?

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    It shouldn't have a villain.

    The grail stories didn't have a comic book style bad guy.  So if you're pretending to be writing anything based on the "legendary quests" rather than " I watched that movie where the kid is like King Arthur and has the fat pal and stuff,"  your story wouldn't involve a cartoon villain at all.

  • Marli
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    3 weeks ago

    If you don't have a plot, you are not able to write a story.

    So what is the "Grail" in your story?  What do You think it is? What do your characters think it is? A cup? A plate? Power? Knowledge? Love? Sex? Treasures? Holiness? Salvation?  Maybe the Grail is  different for each character. Is is really obtainable? Doesn't Galahead or Perseval only see the Grail but cannot possess it?

    How do modern day characters know there is a Grail? Many people don't follow a religion.  Most people don't know how to even hold a sword.

    How does each try to get it? Does anyone succeed? How do they fail?  Do they agree on a plan for all to follow? How does one ... or all... find it. 

    Who is your antagonist? Why does he/she/it want it?

  • Amber
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    3 weeks ago

    It needs Monty Python to tell it. If you've never seen it you should

  • Tina
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    3 weeks ago

    So all you need is the entire book, apart from the fact that it's set in today's world, and about King Arthur's quest for the Holy Grail (it was actually his knights who went on the quest, not the King, but there's no reason why you shouldn't change that).

    How can you be said to be writing it?

    Also, just out of interest how do you intend to introduce fighting with swords if it's set in the present day?

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  • Andrew
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    3 weeks ago

    My personal opinion is that you're about as ready and as qualified to write a book as you are ready and qualified to teach a class on copper smelting techniques in pre-Columbian South America.   

  • j153e
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    3 weeks ago

    One of the key points of the Arthurian legend is that finding the Holy Grail is attaining to the God Presence or kingdom within, practicing the Presence, as Brother Lawrence wrote.

    Such a paragraph or chapter near the closing of the legend is similar to Odysseus' reunion with Penelope, a kind of quiet satisfaction.

  • 3 weeks ago

    would you like me to write the entire book for you?  

    I charge a hefty fee for that. 

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