I didn't get cast into my school play. Any advice on how to feel better about it?

When I was in middle school I auditioned for their production of Hairspray. I completely screwed up my audition and didn't make it. I did running crew and thought it was boring. Throughout the rest of the year, I said that I was going to do the play when I am in high school. When I was in my freshmen year of high school, I auditioned for Les Misérables. I made the play because everyone who auditioned made it. I was apart of the ensemble and played a sentry. I had three individual lines in the play, two of them which I sang backstage. I really enjoyed being apart of that production and especially making a ton of friends with other people involved. I enjoyed being apart of Les Misérables so much that I wanted to the fall play the next year. However, I found out the theater director in my school was retiring. This school year we had a new theatre director. She is very fun and enjoyable. She encouraged me to try out for the fall production of A Midsummer's Night Dream. I practiced very hard for my audition. I did my audition and was very confident in it. I felt like I was going to get in. A few days later, I saw the cast list and my name was not on it. Many of my friend made it, but I didn't. I was devastated. I came home and cried until I fell asleep. I ended up very depressed. I even started going to therapy. Soon, I am going to see the play, it's going to be hard. The musical this year is going to be All Shook Up and I am so scared that I won't be cast.

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    Rejection is simply part of being an actor. 

    We go on far more auditions that we don't get cast in than auditions where we do get cast.  Yes it is disappointing but more often than not it has very little to do with us as people.  The director may be looking for a very specific type.  You could be Meryl Streep but if the director is looking for Julia Roberts than you won't get the role.

    I've had directors tell me more than once that the answer isn't alway no, it is quite often not now.

    If you are scared that you won't be cast to the point that you don't audition then you are guaranteed not be be cast.

    Learn from this experience, prepare for the next audition and if you don't get cast then try not to let it devastate you.  If you can't get past this process you probably should not be an actor.

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    Whatever level of theatre or acting you get involved in, from kindergarten to professional, you're going to get rejections.  Even top actors have to deal with that.

    My daughter is a professional actor and I'd guess that out of every 100 auditions she attends, she only wins one or two small roles.  And it's just something she has to accept and keep trying.  

    You can't allow yourself to be 'devastated'  or depressed when you don't get cast.  You have to keep trying.  Are you attending an acting class?  That would really help.  Practising on your own isn't helpful.  No-one can teach themselves or know where improvement is needed.  

    Take singing and dance classes as well, if you can.  Join a separate youth theatre company if possible - they often run classes which are not too expensive.  

    Good luck at the All Shook Up auditions - but if you don't get cast, ask to help backstage or with props, costumes, make-up or something.  AT least you'd still be part of it!

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    Like I said, auditions are not a sign of failure or success. It is a lesson.

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