My mom does not like my boyfriend, but I feel like I have a future with him What do I do?

Okay I am 16 turning 17 next month and I just got my first boyfriend. I am a Christian and have never really been into the dating scene. My bestfriend has liked me for a little over 2 years (we've been friends for 3) and I always rejected him. Until one day that I decided that I was into him, so I told him and we started dating a week ago. Now my mom has been very open about how she does not think that he is the one for me. My mom and I have always been super close, but now I feel like I just can't talk to her about stuff anymore. I can tell she's keeping most of her smart remarks to her self but she can't just be happy for me. She keeps using phases like "whatever you think" and "I'm not going to stop you". Maybe I'm just over thinking this but this is the first guy ever that I can see myself having a future with. I have never been more open with anyone else. I don't know maybe what I'm trying to ask is how do I get the support of my mom and be with the guy I really care about? Or should I even care about what my mom says since I'm almost an adult? Help me!!!

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    Why does your mom not like him? We can be blinded by love and not see obvious red flags or flaws so try to really see where she's coming from. This is your first relationship so you don't want to be taken advantage of.

    That being said my boyfriend is my first and my mom did not like him one bit and said he would cheat on me, leave me pregnant, etc. However, there was not one instance my boyfriend has ever lied or mistreated me so I knew my mom was just paranoid and scared because we were moving in unmarried.

    She did not trust it like him but five years later and she loves him more than me!! She always takes his side if we fight, loves cooking and helping him out.

    If you know your boyfriend is awesome, and your mom is being overprotective, give it time and eventually she will come around. Otherwise, listen to her because you're young and I've seen how messed up both peoples lives can end up from getting in the wrong relationship at a young age.

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    3 weeks ago

    MOST of the time the first person you date isn't really the person you ultimately find yourself with in the end so maybe your mom is trying to be supportive without hurting your feelings. Why? Because everyone goes through their 'first love'. Sure some people make it but then there are those who don't.

    It shouldn't bother you because mom wants the best for you. Eventually when you have kids you will do the same. She won't be the only one who will think the same but just date and have fun. If it works out then GREAT. If it doesn't then so what. Thats what we all have to learn from is to move on.

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    If he's not the one for you, you're going to figure it out all by yourself. Your mother is intruding. And usually, when parents intrude on their kids' romantic relationships, the child often stays with the partner for spite of the parent.

    I wouldn't care what your mom says. I have two sons, Believe me, they dated some sketchy girls, but i kept my damned mouth shut because it was none of my business. They both finally got married to great girls.

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    Listen to Mom this guy is not right for you, he only wants what's between your legs

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    3 weeks ago

    17 isn't an adult. 18 is only an adult by legal standards. Until you're in your 20's, you won't be able to comprehend much. There's absolutely no way you see a future with this guy at your age. What if when he leaves high school, he decides not to go to college and goes to work at McDonald's? Are you still going to see a future with him? You need to really think about WHY your mom doesn't like him or doesn't like the idea of you having a future with him. I honestly think you're only dating him because you were lonely and he was the only guy trying. 

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    Always listen to your mom. But also talk to her openly about what you think. When those "boyfriends" run away - which I hope it doesn't happen, she'll be the only one that will stick around and try to cheer you up.

    She's just worried, that's all. She don't want to see you hurt.

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    He's your first boyfriend. No wonder you're seeing things with rose-colored glasses. Odds are quite high he is not the one for you. You're both young, immature, and inexperienced. Neither of you has lived on their own completely independent of your respective parents. Turning 18 makes you a legal adult but it doesn't make you an independent, self-sufficient adult.

    Also, you've only been dating for a week. Slow down and calm the eff down. Give this relationship real time to develop and grow before saying he's the one. Right now you're stuck in a fantasy brought on by the newness of it all. Once reality sets in (and it will) your attitude is likely to change.

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