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Any tips on how to organize a kitchen in a small apartment with not pantry space and limited cabinets??

I do not know where to put stuff I buy for the pantry even the devices I use like coffee maker or dishware... etc

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    Put all of your pots and pans in the drawer under the stove, store seldom used utensils and appliances in a closet near the kitchen, box up the "good" china for storage, add a vertical spice rack to the side of a cabinet, install storage racks for foil, wrap, and zip-lock baggies inside to doors under the sink, buy an under-sink organizer, and give those orphaned glasses to Goodwill (or the recycle bin).  Keep everything that is not used regularly off of the counter to maximize work space, so bye bye cute cookie jar.  Keep seldom used items on the top shelves to leave the prime real estate for the stuff you use regularly.  As an alternative, keep everything in storage, stock up on paper plates and plastic cups, and order take-out for every meal.

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    Gather clean boxes at grocery ...begin sorting what to keep and not.

    Nice shelf units can hold heavy enough containers to sort items in and label if possible.  Didn't mention how many bedroom?  Some bedrooms can be used also by having more nice shelves with solid containers and label.

    I found those upright thin Tupperware containers serve nice to place,  spaghetti in,  flour,  sugar,  crackers,  cookies....on and on.....keeps any pest down.

    You also can utilize your washer/dryer area shelves for placing appliances you don't use often. If space in w/d room,  add plenty of shelves for more storage.

     Purchase a med. crock to place all utensils such as large spoons,  large dip spoons etc.  place on counter. 

     Place immediate appliance on counter,  toaster,  can opener . Coffee maker can also fit on counter hopefully, utilize all drawers. 

     If drawer close to coffee pot,  place scoop for a.m. coffee,  helps keep coffee container in refrig.  keeps the coffee fresh.  Also place coffee filter in same drawer.  If more drawers fold kitchen towels/cloth and hot pad holder in.

    Hope some of this helps......WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY.  smiles.

    Remember many household items can be purchased cheaper at Goodwill and Consignment shops. 

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    NOW is when you find out "how much "shot" you got and don't really need. Especially when you downsize. You are going to be using a hallway closet as your pantry for now...or wood apple boxes laid on their side and on top of each other make for an open multi-shelf deal. Most is going in storage. You can live with less and still survive. You do not have any choice except to be creative and double up. Stuff you used to show off are now hidden...because you do not have the shelf space. Hopefully storage is big enough or you will be "pitching stuff" or garage sale it. Your cardboard boxes you carried your stuff in is going to stay in the apartment as a cubicle that can and will hold certain items. Now if you ever find a board you are going to keep it for a shelf for your storage crisis.   It is the way you got to adjust to the new reality.

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    Be ruthlesss about what you need to keep - get rid of any gadgets that seemed like a good idea at the time but you never use.  Pack up anything like partyware or seasonal stuff that you do not use on a day-to-day basis and find somewhere else outside of the kitchen, eg a sideboard in the dining area. Appliances in constant use should be on the counter or in an 'appliance garage' - a cupboard at the back of the counter with a tambour door.

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    My wife and I had the same problem when we moved into a house.  We bought an antique wardrobe with a fully open area and I put in shelves specifically designed to 'float' in the interior and not damage the wardrobe itself.  We stood it just outside the kitchen, in the dining room where it looked right at home and gave us all sorts of storage space for both pantry items and appliances only needed now and then. 

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    Less is best

    I only had out what i used

    Like a coffee pot, toaster, butter dish...cups, plates

    But packed away things like crock pots and roasting pans that i use twice a year.

    Also i only had the coffee pot on counter tea pot on stove the kitchen always looked clean.

    So less is best.

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    Pack the stuff you don't use often and put it within reach.

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