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Why does Congress want to impeach President Trump when they acquitted President Clinton?


Aren’t they both just as bad since they both sleep with women they’re not married to?

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    A dangerous tyrant who has attempted to subvert every American institution, bypass its constitution and personally run its foreign policy versus a president who was asked about private matters and gave evasive answers to those.  You figure.

    Republican logic. Ask about their sex life.  Oh wait.  "Stormy Daniels". No wait.  Not lying.  Stating "Alternative facts"  and responding to "fake news".  So much better than lying.

    PS No one is able to make excuses for Trump.  It is just too difficult.

    • EdWinter
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      Liberal Logic: Lying to a Grand Jury = Evasive Answers.

      Try getting away with that one and see just how far it gets YOU, my boy.

      Hint: Making excuses for Ol' White Trash Billy is a fool's errand. Don't be a fool, Andy.

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    Ignorant question. One has nothing to do with the other. 'Congress' doesn't impeach. The House votes to impeach (formal accusation) and the Senate holds the trial. Clinton was acquitted by the Senate in the trial after being impeached by the House.

    Trump has not yet been impeached. And the two cases have nothing to do with one another.

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    Congress impeached Clinton -- the Senate acquitted him on the two counts that were the base of the impeachment (lying under oath and obstruction of justice).

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    Congress impeached Clinton for getting a BJ and for refusing to tell the republicans all the sordid details.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Oh that's an easy one, kids, so let me handle it, hear!

    1) Orange Man...BAD; and, 

    2) World's Smartest Man...GOOD.

    There it is: the logic of our "liberal" friends distilled into as few words as possible.

    • Is it safe to let the kids out to play now that you are on YA?  Will you let us know when you are through so I can bring them in to protect them from being molested by you?

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    Not the same politicians. The republicans impeached Clinton. The democrats want to impeach trump. 

  • Because Fat Donnie is a fat corrupt criminal & Clinton is & was a great man.

    • Andrew Smith
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      Ed Winter.  You might laugh but from the point of view of the rest of the world they have stopped laughing.  US foreign policy has become a joke.  Allies have been insulted and feel betrayed. And no one elsewhere in the world would come out to hear a speech from Trump.

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