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Is it okay to date a guy that is maybe not quite "in your league"? ?

For 2 months now, I've been really close friends with a guy. He asked me out after 2 weeks, but I turned him down as nicely as I could but still made him cry. When I told my friends some of them were laughing about it, which is normal that we laugh at guys, but they don't know him and he's different to most guys, so I told them not to laugh. They told me not to fall for a guy that's below me and not in my league.

He's better than they think for sure though. He's really cute and really sexy, which they admitted but I'm not going to just use a guy for sex when I already made him cry over me. He doesn't earn much but he's really smart, he just chose to work with disabled kids instead of earning lots of money. He earns so little I have to pay for meals and stuff when we eat. He tries to pay but I earn like 3 times as much as him so i have to get angry with him so he'll back then. 

He's not very confident either. He gets really nervous around women and makes himself seem a little dim sometimes even when he's way smarter than most people.

I've been on a couple dates in the last 6 weeks since I turned him down, and to be honest, the guys were rich and confident, but I spent the whole time looking forward to hanging out with him instead. He absolutely adores me even though we're just friend. He handled it really well, didn't get jealous, and he's been on a date with another girl, but it didn't work out. I trust he'd never cheat and I just think, maybe he'd be better for me?

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    He seems like a really caring guy. Do you know how hard it was for him to ask you on a date? Go on a date with him

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    If anything, it rather seems he's out of your league.

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    Crying because someone you have known for two weeks rejected you isn't cute, it's disturbing and a big red flag. You like that he is obsessed with you and grovels for your attention, but the novelty is going to wear off fast when he demands constant reassurance and guilt trips you to get what he wants.

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    you and your friends are immature

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    And how do you know that they are better?  I find it funny when I hear that.  How about they are in a car accident and they are burned over 95% of their body?  How about then?  How about if someone rejects them?  One cannot find a real guy going solely on their looks or if you are rich.  Getting back to looks,  there are also hundreds of men who look better.  They are delusional.  Their attitude is arrogant.

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    There are no such things as leagues in dating.  If you like someone, just ask them out.

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