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How often should she be walked and bathed?

My mom only walks the  dog every couple of months and only bathes her every six months or so.my dog is a scruffy pit bull and terrier mix with medium length fur. I think she should be walked every weekend at least since she’s inside all day unless she needs to use the bathroom and she’s kinda old(10 years). I think she should be bathed more often too but my mom says she doesn’t need more walks or to be bathed more


She’s my dog but my mom won’t let me walk her on my own since I’m a kinda small teen and she doesn’t want me to bathe her by myself either 

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    Dogs should be exercised at least every day and at least once every day.

    Bathing - provided the dog is regularly brushed, unless it gets into something really bad, there's no NEED to be bathing a dog continually.   Especially one with a short coat or even with medium length fur.  You may need to bath after a Winter to help with the moult, and also at the end of Summer when she'll be starting to grow a Winter coat.    All this bathing is unnecessary usually and will dry out the coat/skin.

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    Bathing really depends. I hardly bathed my dog at all when she was young, maybe once a year before winter. Then she started going swimming a lot when we moved so I'd bath her twice a year.

    Now she's sixteen and she's to get smelly if not bathed every 2-3 months. Rule of thumb - if the dogs smells bath BATH IT.

    Walking - the dog should go for daily walks. At least twice a day and failing to do so id neglecting that animals needs unless there is a medical condition or a damn good reason not to like a hurricane or something. If no one has the time to walk this poor dog it's not fair to keep her. Maybe you can find her a different home?

    I can understand your Mother not wanting you to walk it alone, which means she needs to get off her butt and go with you. She's the adult and she's responsible for this animal. 

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    Why don't you step up and do that for the dog then?

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    Baths  it depends, do dogs keep themselves as clean as cats do? For sure dogs need excuse so like every day, or a couple of times a day. Dogs need excerise just like people do, cats don't need it, when was the last time you saw a cat going for a walk? Baths that can depend, if the dog is smelly then for sure it needs a bath, if it comes in contact or gets mud on it, for sure a bath for sure, uff it comes in contact with a strange dog that you don't know, a bath might be a good idea as you don't even know what that other dog might have. I hope your mom would changed her tae on baths if the dog was smelly for 6 months. But if you are able to, can you pick the chores like bathing and walking your pit bull? Since it doesn't seem like your mom is more willing to do walking and bathing more often. I am taking it your Mom has never had a dog before, i haven't but dogs like people do in order to have good long life, needs exercise. If your mom won't let let you walk the dog yourself, can you get a friend or a sibling to go with you? At least ask her that, and make sure that the friend you want to go with you is somebody that she trusts as well. 

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    She should really have a walk daily, but it is not your dog, and if she is not bathed weekly i am guessing the poor thing stinks to high heaven! where does it do it's business?

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    The dog should be walked every day and should be bathed about once a month.

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