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Is it really possibly true that anyone should ever even consider genocide as a political solution ?

It is not popular I know that. Also it's not a politically correct or "progressive" idea to realize we have to ever hate any person or group of people based on genetics and their race. I know it's sad and no one wants to do it. However when we dig a little deeper into world events and the mess the world is in we realize that there has to be a root cause for all the corruption and Degeneracy in the world. What ethnicity controls the media what ethnicity do Americans waste their lives to protect in the middle East and fight their wars for them. What ethnicity used a fake Holocost to swindle trillions out of Germany and America. What ethnicity is responsible for all the wars and revolutions in modern history. What ethnicity destroys and corrupts everything it touches. Thats right my friend JUDEN!!!

Genocide is sometimes the only solution I know its not in everyone's hearts that it's a great thing to do and it should not be however we must admit that not all forms of life are valuable in fact some forms of life completely destroy all other forms of life and a planet if left unhindered. If we humans want a planet to call home and friends and family and community then it's the only solution. I know it's hard but we can do this someday hopefully soon or we are all dead ourselves.

I hope this helps you understand what needs to be done under the banner of the Swastika my friends. Have a nice day.

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    The bible promoted genocide now didn't it!

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    Well Chrsitians obviously did when they attempted to wipe out all Muslims in the crusades!!!!!!

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    A person can battle the culture of death using the rosary and fasting.

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    The "root cause" is sin. Since all mankind has sinned, we'd have to eliminate everyone. Not very practical. Who would cut the grass or wait on me at the restaurant?

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    Hitler did.............

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    Uh, no.

    It might sting some of the theists, but look around, at both today and history... religion has been behind so much of it. Humans killing and harming others for eons over trying to please a man in the sky that may not even be there. Developing cultures around it with "us vs them," believing that others outside of a religion, outside of a society, outside of a country... are "bad." Sometimes it makes people act badly in an effort to do some sky man's work, else the sky man might be mad at THEM instead. Even when people act in these ways outside of religion, it's still clear that it taught humanity to have that mindset.

    Some religions are peaceful, most of them smaller or not so restricting and intrusive, so some are of less consequence other than basically giving people a hobby. I hate however that humanity invented religions that became about power, control, oppression, fear mongering, and hating and harming "different" people, even justifying harming them. It was behind Muslims on 9/11, it's behind Christians killing "witches" who were not witches at all, as well as the constant struggle to control society. And so on.

    Without religion humanity would have still had its issues, but at least it would have kept to fighting over resources it needed to thrive and not pointlessly harming other people over mythology and then feeling justified in doing it.

    But good people can come in all forms, no race or ethnicity restricts any demographic of person from being one of those people. Whether they are a part of the people who reform the bad going on in their own cultures/faith or they walk away from it... humans can change. And the opposite for those who are bad people -- there is no race or ethnic restriction on the kind of person who can be or become bad. So no, genocide is NEVER the answer.

    We are the top species on this planet. We are completely free to figure out how to make life awesome for humankind, there is literally nothing in the way of us trying to do that. And yet we seem incapable, and partly because too many are of a primitive mind such as those that come up with questions like this in the first place.

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  • Hitler Did....I am surer there are some liberals who do

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