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What made William Tyndale so special?

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    William Tyndale, educated at Oxford, produced an edition of the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Hebrew Scriptures.

    Despite much opposition, he became the first person to translate the Bible from Hebrew directly into English.

    Tyndale was also the first English translator to use the name Jehovah.

    William Tyndale wanted to translate the Bible into English. However, the bishop of London, Cuthbert Tunstall, rebuffed him. When Tyndale realized that he could not translate the Bible in England, he fled to Germany.

    Finally, in February 1526, he succeeded in having his first complete English translation of the New Testament printed.

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    He was willing to risk his life to translate the Bible into English in order to transfer power from the Church hierarchy to the common people.

  • David
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    William Tyndale dared to defy Roman Catholic terrorists, by being the first to attempt a translation of the Bible from Hebrew and Greek into English.  Of course, those demon-possessed "popes" didn't like it, so they murdered Tyndale in cold blood.

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    He translated the Bible into English. And for his efforts, the Vatican had him strangled and burned.

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