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Really need some help on this situation. I know it’s long but I will award best answer to someone that can help me out about this please.?

My girlfriend has a women friend that she used to work with at her last company. She’s told me that she’s touched her on the thigh when she knew we were in a relationship together. She’s also told my girlfriend that she likes her but my girlfriend has told her that she isn’t like that. After that my girlfriend stopped talking to her. She began to treat her badly at work since she was her manager. She told me she was done talking to her. But yesterday, my girlfriend turned down her brightness and was acting very suspicious. She never lets me on her phone btw and I have no idea what her password is. But she knows my password and goes on it like nothing. I looked into her Apple Watch which has her messages. I found her texting the women that she said she’d never talk to again. In the messages were long paragraphs and her asking when can we get Sushi. She also wrote “I want you” in the messages. My girlfriend came in and saw me on her Apple Watch and freaked. She called me a psycho, a freak, and a creep. Her explanation to it all was she apologized for how she treated me. She said the “I want you” means she wants me to work back at her old company. She told me she can be friends with whoever she wants and I have no say. Again she can do that but I just feel uncomfortable as she’s touched her, told her she’s liked her while we were dating. I just don’t like that and when I explain to her how I feel she usually just calls me names or tells me I’m a cry baby or how annoying I am.

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    She's looking to fool around with the other woman!  It's pretty obvious based on the statement and that she continued messaging her that she's leaning toward going for it.  And, her suspicious behavior is because she's being caught by you while she's fooling around!

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