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Why is she possessive of him?

(This is a repost because I really need help) Some of my friends and I are in a book club at our college. It was all female until my friend, let's call her Samara, brought a friend of hers, a guy. Let's call him Dean. At first things were normal. Dean fit in well. He'd contribute to our discussions, he'd chip in for food and reccomended some books for us to read. The girls really liked him too and he's a great guy.(apparently they've been friends since they were kids)

However, recently Samara has been possessive of Dean. She wouldn't normally mind us being near him before, but now she tries getting him to sit on the edge of a couch or near the wall so none of us can sit next to him. She wouldn't mind before about me or someone else hanging out with him. Now she tries to tag along or so. When one of us want's to walk with him home, she tries to come to. I asked both of them if they've started dating, both said no. Samara is dismissive when I bring it up. Dean says he's confused why she's acting the way she is. What's her deal?

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    She has a crush on Dean. He probably doesn't reciprocate, and she is afraid he will fall for someone else instead. But this is between her and Dean. I would politely ignore it unless she does something inappropriate. Dean can handle himself. If you like or another friend likes Dean, get his number and start seeing him outside of bookclub.

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