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if i talk to someone on google hangouts how easy can i be found if i didnt give them my real name or tell them what city or state i live in?

so i met a girl on a social networking site a while ago and we decided to talk on google hangouts via text and also via audio/voice call. a few days ago i decided to cease talking to her, for various reasons that i will not get into. i blocked her and then deleted my hangouts account as i no longer wished to use it. when i was talking to this girl i gave her a false name to keep my identity safe, i also gave her false  info in terms of what city and state i live in. since i didnt give this girl my cellphone number and since i gave her false info. and since i deleted my account im wondering how easy or difficult would it be for her or her family/friends to find out where i live, as well as my name and age. since i lied about my age name and city to stay safe as i dont trust people on the net? would she be able to find the ip address i used to connect to hang outs and use that to track me or no?

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    They can't but about any armchair hacker can backtrack your URL and find the location, even behind VPN.

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