how to take an average of a column in excel?

So I have a column in excel whose value will either hold "W" or "L" for win or loss. 

I want to take an average of my wins to losses. 

how can I do this in excel? I Tried =AVERAGEIF(Q:3,Q:1000,"W") didn't work 

I wan't to start at Q3 and go down for 1000 future entries 

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  • Alan
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago


    average would equal 

    so let's say , you may not have all 1000 entries 

    filled in yet. 

    Do you want a percentage, then multiply your results by 100  

    Then, the foolproof equation is 

    (all on one line) 

    =(countif(q3:q1002,"W")/ (countif(q3:q1002,"W") + countif(q3:q1002,"L")))*100 

    This counts all the W you have so far and divides and 

    divides by the number of W's and L's combined so far. 

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