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I need help connecting a microphone to speakers?

So I wanna connect my AKG D5 mic to the speakers.

I have the speakers and subwoofer connected to a Onkyo A/V reciever. 

The mic is connected to a Steinberg UR12 audio interface and from the interface line output to a reciever through RCA cable.

I'm not getting any sound from the mic.

What could be the issue/solution?

5 Answers

  • 5 months ago

    See the connections video below. there are three of them

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • 5 months ago

    the output of the UR12 wont have enough power to DRIVE anything on its own especially if it is not separately powered itself(so are you powering it? I assume yes as your akg mic wont work without phantom power applied by either a battery 9v or 48V from the mains power to the ur12 which has an on/off for phantom power at the rear or it means you need an external phantom power source for the mic). it should work fine once the power is applied and your XLR cable is GOOD. Since you didnt declare what Onkyo you are using its difficult to answer the question fully. ** please make sure you follow the simple rules, de-powered you can connect/disconnect, once connected then apply/remove power as necessary, always turn on/off the +48v whilst everything is still connected together, never disconnect whilst power is on.

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  • 5 months ago

    Others have done a good job of answering the question asked, 

    but I wonder Why you want to connect a microphone to a home audio system. 


    Using it as a PA will work, but is there a real need? 

    I doubt that. 


    If you are trying to hear what you sound like, 

    you need to make a recording and then play it back. 

    Be aware that it will sound rather different from what you hear when you speak. 

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  • 5 months ago

    What else is the UR-12 connected to?

    To use the line out on that, it would need linking to a PC running DAW software with the mic input routed back to the output.

    It would probably need the input channel set to record, with live monitoring on, or whatever the equivalents are in the DAW you used.

    To use it "stand-alone", connect the headphone output to the aux in on the receiver/amp and switch on "direct monitor".

    Make sure all the volume / gain pots are turned down to start with and beware of excess levels causing distortion or feedback.

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  • Mmm J
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    You did not tell us which input you're using on the Onkyo A/V receiver.

    We don't know if

    * you're using an input on the Onkyo AV receiver that needs to be selected;

    * the USB interface power is on and the input gain is at least 1/2 way up;

    * what the output setting is on the USB interface;

    * the mic has ever worked correctly;

    * the USB interface has ever worked correctly...

    There's more, but please remember, we can't see what you see and don't know what you know. The information you provided is incomplete...

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