What is approx percentage of people born transgender (and not from surgery)? I feel bad for ppl born with health issues making their gender ?

Indecipherable, but the entire transgender revolution going on makes things confusing for people. Like I don't want to share a restrm w someone just bc he dressed up in women's pantyhose. And then the question about men posing as women and playing women's sports. And using steroids and hormones. But it's a tough topic because some ppl are born like that, and I am not prejudice of them, just don't agree w a lot of the surgeries these days. And some people forcing their kids to have surgeries even when nothing was wrong, but does anyone really know how many people are actually born like that? I would never think anything bad about someone legitimately born with a gender disorder using the women's restrm or playing women's sports, but there's some sort of boundary between those born like that and those who just dress like it or pay for procedures, take hormones. Not saying anything bad about those people, and of course I still think these ppl deserve their rights like anyone else, but not if it infringes upon rights of others. So maybe you can see how it's confusing even to those who believe in equality.


And I'm talking about, what # of ppl are actually born with a gender disorder, like maybe hermaphrodite. Or hormone issues, and disorders that may harm them. Not talking about ppl who can't accept their gender, despite having a functioning penis or vagina, and better identify with the other gender so they get surgery. Actually trying to explain this.

Update 2:

Not on here to discriminate against anyone, just wondering how many are really actually born like that. 

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  • 3 weeks ago

    0% because you can't be born trans, but you can be born intersex, which is about 1% of the population and is VERY different from being trans. If you're trans, you can't have surgeries until you're 18. But if you were born intersex, 9 out of 10 times you get nonconsensual surgery to fit into stereotypes of what a male or female looks like

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Being intersex does not make someone trans.


    Trans women are not men who want to use the womens bathroom. 

    Its still not ok for men to use the womens bathroom. 

    Its very illegal for anyone to creep on or assault anyone in a bathroom (or you know, anywhere). 

    Most trans women wait until they are far along in their transitions before they use the womens bathroom to avoid all the drama. 

    You have used the bathroom with trans women and don't even know it because nothing happened.

    Men posing as women are not allowed in womens sports. Never have been. Never will be. 

    Why do you think steroids/hormones are inherently bad (and btw those are the same thing. Testosterone, estrogen etc are steroid hormones)?  

    Its illegal for kids to have those surgeries. You must be 18+. 

    To answer the question I believe you were trying to ask, Around 1.7% of the population is intersex. 

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Are you confusing intersex with transgender? About 1% of the population is intersex. They aren't trans and want nothing to do with the community. There's no evidence anyone was 'born trans' besides people claiming it. There's no genetic evidence or even hormonal evidence, like there is for sexual orientation. It's possible science will find some but it isn't known currently.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Most of them (99%) just do it because they love being trouble-makers.  

    And they get a sexual thrill from wearing panty hose and fake boobs.

    • P.L.
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      3 weeks agoReport

      You are referring to people who choose to do that to themselves,they haven't changed, they have been changed via surgery and are genetically still the gender they were born.  I believe it's a mental disorder in some of them and some will regret changing.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    I don't think that anyone is born TRANSgender but some people are born hermaphrodite (which means that they have both male and female genitals).  'Trans' means changing from one to the other so it's done deliberately.  I, personally, know a family who have had 3 such people in their family. The first, male in appearance and lived his life as a homosexual, because he felt like a woman and wanted to be with a man.  The other two are the niece and nephew of that man, one born male and the other female, both had two sets of genitals and one was operated on to remove the female parts so he's a man, the other seemed more female than male and the male bits were removed. That one went on to have two children so a correct decision was definitely made on that occasion.  The other one who remained male is childless.

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