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Why do Francophiles and French people from France assume that Quebec is French?

Quebec is anything BUT French; Montreal is where the US cities of Atlanta and Detroit have a baby, all those black people and Muslims and Hispanics and degenerate whites. And Quebec City just resembles a small US city. 

Oh and "Quebecois" are Americans struggling with the French language. They even look like Americans, and sound exactly like them when they speak English.

Why French people go to Montreal is beyond me. You may as well take a walk through downtown Atlanta!

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    Because most native speakers of the French language in Canada live in Quebec, where French is the official and majority language. It is the only province of Canada to have a predominantly French-speaking population, with French as the sole provincial official language

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  • alan P
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    The first time I went to Montreal I came out of the airport terminal, hailed a cab, spoke to the driver in French and he replied "Don't you speak English"

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