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oving from Miami to Massachusetts?

Hello, I am looking at moving back home to Massachusetts (near Boston) from Miami. Has anyone had to do this? I would need a small Uhaul and have wondered at the costs/ logistics I may not have considered. Is there a better option than a Uhaul? Thanks!


Moving* I swear I typed the M but the editing program on my computer is a pain in the balls. 

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  • 2 weeks ago

    When you say a small U Haul, do you mean a trailer that you would rent and attach to your car, or do you mean a rented U Haul truck that you would then return in the MA region ? Only a U Haul store could help you with those costs.

    Then, no one here can guess how much stuff you want to move up. Perhaps a person also driving in that direction might have a big enough vehicle to carry you and your gear. Try looking on craigslist and some rideshare sites.

  • 3 weeks ago

    I'd stay in Miami. Especially in the winter time.

    • Abbie3 weeks agoReport

      Useless as a frozen turd but alright. 

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