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My job thinks I’m stealing?

So I work at Walmart and I’ve been there for over a month now. I’m a cashier and part of my job is doing “go backs”. Go backs are basically carts of stuff that the customers no longer wanted. So we basically sort through the items by their section and put them back. I usually get told to do go backs as soon as I clock into work. I’m kind of scattered brain so depending on how much is in the cart it might take me an hour or 2. Since Black Friday and the Holidays were coming up, I’ve been looking at merchandise I wanted to buy while doing the go backs and I think out loud to myself like “Oh wow this is cute, I want it” or “oh this is only $15, I want this”. I guess some coworkers overheard me and they have been watching me carefully and alienating me.There’s even a maintenance guy that drives by and watches me when I’m alone by myself in a section. It kinda hurts my feelings because this messes up my reputation and it’s slightly humiliating but I also have no guilt because I know I’m not stealing. I know now to keep it professional and wait till I’m off the clock to look for things I want to buy but this is ridiculous. How do I deal with this exactly?

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    You will find employees can ruin your reputation by telling false stories to your boss.Tell your boss what you are noticing and assure him/her that no theft is being done by you.

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    Talk to the Manager to make sure it is clear you are following instructions. You might want to visibly show you are setting aside items you want to buy by setting up a separate cart, and placing items there that you want to purchase yourself.  Make this a habit of bringing a cart for your items that you will buy, so everyone knows you follow this same routine. NOTE: I do similar at my job. Because we are not allowed to take anything, even damaged boxes home, I always make a point to ask my manager as soon as I find something thrown away, even a plastic sign, "Can I take this and recycle it?"  I do this consistently so everyone knows, including Managers, that I ALWAYS ask my Manager before I take something to recycle.  That way if any Managers or workers ask, that Manager can vouch for me that I did ask and get approval first. For you, before you go through the put backs, ask your Manager can you take an extra cart and save it for items that you want to buy during break.  Ask your Manager "Is it okay if I put aside items I want to buy in this cart and leave it by the Layaways until I take my break and can go pay for them" If you do this same routine every time, everyone will know that you keep your cart in the back for your items and you pay later when you take your break.  Do the same routine and always ask your Manager so they know. And that way you have your Manager witnessing for you that you asked and set up where to keep your cart of items reserved for later.

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    dude work at target, walmart is full of bad people, i hate supporting walmart

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    Talk with the manager about it i guess. Or better yet, find a job where they actually care about their employees and don't treat them like scum. I won't even shop at Walmart... and i'd never even consider working there. No thanks.

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    It is your workers or it is Walmart?

    If it is your employer,I recommend asking for proof of it.

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    I would ignore them bc you are not doing a thing wrong and they should mind their own business. If they are judging you, then they are being childish.

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    if your innocent you have nothing to worry about.

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    I don't see how anyone would think you are stealing from that.  

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    Really? Your occupation is apparently sentient and conscious. Okay.

    Grow a pair, people are always going to think negative things about you, develop a thicker skin.

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