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1930's houseclothes?

What did people wear when chilling at home back then? Did they have trackie bottoms? 

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    No, they dressed a bit more formally, look up 30's costume.

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    A lot would depend on where they lived (climate) and their socio-economic status.

    Farmers or ranchers would dress a lot differently than European immigrants in an winter urban setting, or society folks on Long Island in the summertime, even indoors.

    I will say that even in the 50s I was always dressed to receive guests by 9:00 in the morning, and didn't change until after dinner, for bed. That included polished shoes on my feet, a presentable ensemble, and gloves and hat ready at the door in case I wanted to go outside.

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    My mother used to wear dresses that they called "house dresses" back in those days. Now you would find them in lounge wear. My father wore pants and a shirt or a pullover sweater.

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      My mother did, my father wore regular shoes, the ones he had worn to work.  I don't think he had any slippers.

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