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How can I check if my tongue is good for a tongue piercing?

I want to get my tongue pierced but I don't want to show up to the piercer and leave 2 minutes later because I can't get it done, so I would like to check for myself, if that's possible. What should I look for?

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    I would highly recommend you get the piercer to check because they're trained to look for not only veins but also arteries/nerves, but the only way you to check for a VEIN is getting a pair of clamps and clamping down on your tongue, pulling your tongue up and looking underneath, but like I said there's also nerves and arteries to look for, in which a piercer can do that for you. I have mine pierced and it had to be pierced slightly crooked due to nerves, and a helpful hint, it doesn't hurt to get it pierced at all but the healing process sucks!

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    3 weeks ago

    Go for it, what could go wrong?

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