Physics Problem!!!????

In a region of space, the electric field varies according to E = (0.08 N/C) sin(1900t), where t is in seconds. Find the maximum displacement current through a 1 m^2 area perpendicular to E.

1 Answer

  • 9 months ago

    Displacement current Jd is defined as

     Jd = e0* dE(t)/dt so given E = E0*sin(wt) 

    Jd = e0*E0*w*cos(wt)    let w = 1900 s^-1, E0 = 0.08  N/C and e0 = 8.85x10^(-12) C^2/(N-m^2)

    Jd = 1.35x10^(-9) A/m^2

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